The new Lex Arcana schedule

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”. The saying is very true. The countdown to deliver Lex Arcana, the game you supported with such enthusiasm and loyalty, has just started. Quality Games’ first crowdfunding campaign was a huge success. However, along the way the estimated workload grew four times – and… (Read More)


Acta Arcana n.19 – 2019

It is now February, a month during which several archaic and mysterious celebrations were held in ancient Rome. Among these were the Lupercalia, festivities to honor Lupercus, the Roman wolf god, and the Regifugium,a religious festival in memory of the grim Rex Sacrorum. However, today we will be talking about yet another festivity.… (Read More)


Acta Arcana n.18 – 2019

Japan is once again at the heart of a dispatch: taking inspiration from the last Acta Arcana, let’s imagine what would happen if legionaries and Yamato warriors of the same era were to meet on the battlefield! Let the battle begin!   Roman Legions VS Japanese Armies: FIGHT! In the… (Read More)


Acta Arcana n.17 – 2019

The new year brings a new dispatch written by the Emperor’s scribes. This time it features our first Development Update on the campaign releases. Are you ready? Ah, right… you were born ready!   Lex Arcana arrives in Japan From the Western Empire to the Empire of the Rising Sun,… (Read More)


Acta Arcana n.16 – 2018

This is our last dispatch for the current year, just before the winter festivities. Are you ready to celebrate the Saturnalia?    Lex Arcana is one of the most anticipated RPG of 2019! As you may have heard, ENWorld published the results for its survey on the most anticipated tabletop… (Read More)


Acta Arcana n.15 – 2018

A new dispatch to remind you completing the survey of Backerkit, to show you it’s possible to play Lex Arcana in museums and cultural associations, and to talk about the Ring of Pontius Pilate. Are you ready?   Last surveys to complete! More of the 90% of the backers have… (Read More)


Acta Arcana n.14 – 2018

Ave Custodes! A new dispatch from the Emperor has arrived, filled with news and hints for your adventures.   The Backerkit store Those of you who have been custodes from dies 1 have now done everything there was to do on Kickstarter and Backerkit. Here at Quality Games we have decided to… (Read More)


Acta Arcana n.13 – 2018

Ave Custodes! This week, news for the Cohors Arcana comes directly from the Emperor’s scribes, no matter the prefecture you are in.. The most anticipated Tabletop RPG of the next year   The famous website ENWorld opened a votation about people’s 10 Most Anticipated Tabletop RPGs for 2019! Nominations were taken… (Read More)


Acta Arcana n.12 – 2018

Ave Custodes, This scroll, sent by the Emperor’s scribes, features last’s week most interesting news for the Cohors Arcana, no matter which prefecture you are in. Our Backerkit Page is live This “extension” of our Kickstarter campaign will be online for several weeks. All Lex Arcana crowdfunding backers can define… (Read More)

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