New upcoming title: Malavita – An Italian Crime Story

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A year after its debut, Quality Games is pleased to announce a new upcoming title, which will
continue the line of role-playing games started with Lex Arcana. Malavita – An Italian Crime Story is a tabletop pen and paper rpg, set in the violent Italian 70s, a dark period of Italian history. At the height of political violence and militant terrorism, kidnappings, assassinations, bank robberies, corruption, organized crime, and recession, cities were a battlefield for cops and gangsters.
Malavita is heavily inspired by the aesthetic and imagery of the Italian-style poliziottesco, Italian crime and noir fiction. Stories of great robberies and hoaxes, international espionage plots, criminal and terrorist organizations also influence the game. The clash between the blocs of the Cold War, whose secret conflict also takes place in the midst of Italy’s political turmoil, is also present in Malavita.

Malavita – an Italian Crime Story: Character Design Inspiration

Malavita – an Italian Crime Story: Character Design Inspiration

Thrown into the most violent cities of this bloody decade, players take on the role of the members of a gang involved in a long list of hits and illegal activities, from Milan’s corrupt streets to Naples’ lawless “gomorra”, passing through Rome’s fully armed suburras.
They could be tough guys and femmes fatales, robbers and con-men, veterans for hire, ruthless criminals and double-crosser informants, hitmen and renegade policemen, violent executioners and smart rascals.
Working together in their gang, they will launch themselves into increasingly dangerous and complex heists, up to the Big Hit that could set them up for life…
The game will have its own rule set, different from Lex Arcana’s, and the “game master” will lead players through the many scenes of the session, in classic plot-driven scenarios. Malavita also provides the possibility of choosing between different types of gangs and gangsters, and to define the level of violence, crime and gloom of the games. It will be possible to play “all the shades of black”: from a bunch of ruthless robbers drowning in a tragic and bloody
world, to a handful of lovable rogues preparing for the greatest robbery of the century, without a single shot being fired. In short, a game for all tough guys… even those with a heart of gold!
Malavita – An Italian Crime Story will be launched in the upcoming months on Kickstarter, with a crowdfunding campaign both in Italian and English.
Take the gun, put on a leather jacket and a pair of stylish sunglasses: when the going gets tough, the tough begin to roleplay!

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