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“Rome wasn’t built in a day”. The saying is very true. The countdown to deliver Lex Arcana, the game you supported with such enthusiasm and loyalty, has just started.

Quality Games’ first crowdfunding campaign was a huge success. However, along the way the estimated workload grew four times – and increasing staff was not the solution. During the past months we’ve come across unexpected challenges, tackled setbacks and overcome technical difficulties. We’ve had to change strategies and introduce new team members.

Though we’ve worked as quickly as possible to accelerate production, we are behind schedule and must push back reward production and shipment.

Quality Games and Need Games, the Italian localization partner, have decided to move all delivery dates by a few months. We believe that Lex Arcana should be a high quality game – that’s why we will prioritize quality over delivery dates.

All Lex Arcana printed rewards (both in Italian and English) are now scheduled to be delivered between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020.

Digital content will be sent to backers when ready, but before the print version.

We trust that this schedule shift won’t be a problem. If you want to give us any feedback or receive further information, please contact us.

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