Acta Arcana n.18 – 2019

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Japan is once again at the heart of a dispatch: taking inspiration from the last Acta Arcana, let’s imagine what would happen if legionaries and Yamato warriors of the same era were to meet on the battlefield!
Let the battle begin!

Roman Legions VS Japanese Armies: FIGHT!
In the last issue of the Acta Arcana we announced the upcoming Japanese version of Lex Arcana and mentioned archaeological finds of Roman origin in the isles of the Rising Sun.
Thanks to Metatron, a popular YouTuber who focuses on ancient warfare, we can now imagine a battle between ancient Roman forces and ancient Japanese warriors. How would it end?
Watch this video and find out!

Hints & Hooks: Cyclopes!
One of the scenarios of the Adventure Book is written by Marco Rafalà and is called Eye of the Cyclops. The adventure is set in Sicily, where the author’s family is from, between Mount Etna and the Cyclopean Isles.

According to Greek mythology, this is where Ulysses met Polyphemus during his travels. The one-eyed giant was one of the sons of Gaia, who sacrificed one of their eyes in exchange for the gift of foresight, but were only able to foresee their own deaths.

We will not spoil the adventure but would like to explain one of the origins of this prehistoric myth. Elephant skulls have been discovered along the Sicilian coast, where a subspecies of these pachyderms lived thousands years ago.

The shape and large size of the skulls would have made our ancestors imagine the existence of monstrous beings with only one eye in the forehead… which, in reality, was the nasal hole of the elephants, at the height of the proboscis.

More information about this myth can be found in many articles on the Web!

Development Updates
How is game production proceeding?

  • Corebook: alpha testing continues, mainly focusing on the new rules developed by the authors. We are also testing the new travel, combat and ritual mechanics.
  • Adventure Book: five of the adventures are ready for the layout; the others are being  processed for the final written version; minor changes could be applied after the Corebook is finalized. 
  • Sourcebook Aegyptus: the first draft is being revised.
  • Encyclopedia Arcana: the first draft is in progress.
  • Art and layout: all art requests have been selected and sent. We are working on new maps!

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Ave atque Vale!

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