Acta Arcana n.16 – 2018

This is our last dispatch for the current year, just before the winter festivities. Are you ready to celebrate the Saturnalia?    Lex Arcana is one of the most anticipated RPG of 2019! As you… (Read More)


Acta Arcana n.15 – 2018

A new dispatch to remind you completing the survey of Backerkit, to show you it’s possible to play Lex Arcana in museums and cultural associations, and to talk about the Ring of Pontius Pilate. Are… (Read More)


Acta Arcana n.14 – 2018

Ave Custodes! A new dispatch from the Emperor has arrived, filled with news and hints for your adventures.   The Backerkit store Those of you who have been custodes from dies 1 have now done everything there… (Read More)


Acta Arcana n.13 – 2018

Ave Custodes! This week, news for the Cohors Arcana comes directly from the Emperor’s scribes, no matter the prefecture you are in.. The most anticipated Tabletop RPG of the next year   The famous website ENWorld… (Read More)


Acta Arcana n.12 – 2018

Ave Custodes, This scroll, sent by the Emperor’s scribes, features last’s week most interesting news for the Cohors Arcana, no matter which prefecture you are in. Our Backerkit Page is live This “extension” of our… (Read More)

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