The new Lex Arcana schedule

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”. The saying is very true. The countdown to deliver Lex Arcana, the game you supported with such enthusiasm and loyalty, has just started. Quality Games’ first crowdfunding campaign was a huge success. However, along the way the estimated workload grew four times – and… (Read More)


Acta Arcana n.20 – 2019

The work goes on and, at this point, we have decided to reveal Lex Arcana’s secrets to those Backers interested in helping us out. We are talking about a guided beta test program! In this way, we can show you some aspects of the game and receive the latest feedback… (Read More)


Acta Arcana n.19 – 2019

It is now February, a month during which several archaic and mysterious celebrations were held in ancient Rome. Among these were the Lupercalia, festivities to honor Lupercus, the Roman wolf god, and the Regifugium,a religious festival in memory of the grim Rex Sacrorum. However, today we will be talking about yet another festivity.… (Read More)


Acta Arcana n.17 – 2019

The new year brings a new dispatch written by the Emperor’s scribes. This time it features our first Development Update on the campaign releases. Are you ready? Ah, right… you were born ready!   Lex Arcana arrives in Japan From the Western Empire to the Empire of the Rising Sun,… (Read More)


Acta Arcana n.8 – 2018

Ave Custodes! (VERSIONE ITALIANA) To celebrate the campaign reaching the 100k$ goal, we are announcing a new SPECIAL ADD-ON: Aegyptus – Land of mummies, necromancers, and mysteries! Aegyptus is the first of our Expansion Modules, a complete description of the Empire’s richest province, with its ancient cities and temples. It includes information… (Read More)


Acta Arcana n.7 – 2018

Ave Custodes! (VERSIONE ITALIANA) The first ten days of the campaign are gone and the next goals are very close: just a few people are missing to reach the 400% of the funding, an outstanding target! We can’t wait to show you the next Stretch Goal to be revealed. And when… (Read More)


Faustus & Furious How to play Lex Arcana

Francesco Nepitello: One of the most surprising things we became aware of when rewriting Lex Arcana is that many games of the previous generation had complex rule sets (like Advanced D&D, MERP and Warhammer, which we played in Italy at the time) while they’re now trying to streamline. Lex Arcana already had that… (Read More)

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