Acta Arcana n.14 – 2018

Ave Custodes! A new dispatch from the Emperor has arrived, filled with news and hints for your adventures.   The Backerkit store Those of you who have been custodes from dies 1 have now done everything there was to do on Kickstarter and Backerkit. Here at Quality Games we have decided to… (Read More)


Acta Arcana n.13 – 2018

Ave Custodes! This week, news for the Cohors Arcana comes directly from the Emperor’s scribes, no matter the prefecture you are in.. The most anticipated Tabletop RPG of the next year   The famous website ENWorld opened a votation about people’s 10 Most Anticipated Tabletop RPGs for 2019! Nominations were taken… (Read More)


Acta Arcana n.12 – 2018

Ave Custodes, This scroll, sent by the Emperor’s scribes, features last’s week most interesting news for the Cohors Arcana, no matter which prefecture you are in. Our Backerkit Page is live This “extension” of our Kickstarter campaign will be online for several weeks. All Lex Arcana crowdfunding backers can define… (Read More)


Acta Arcana n.10 – 2018

Ave Custodes, (VERSIONE ITALIANA) Thanks to your generous and continuing support to our Kickstarter campaign, the new Lex Arcana edition will come true.  Your enthusiasm motivates us. This project was conceived by our passion but is coming to life thanks to your support and we hope it will grow quickly… (Read More)


Acta Arcana n.09 – 2018

Ave Custodes, (VERSIONE ITALIANA) Rome’s vile enemies and demons from the Underworld are terrified. Right now, more than 1200 Custodes have joined our campaign, the equivalent of TWO COHORTS. Fighters, augurs, explorers, diplomats, scholars… and assassins are ready to fight for Rome’s glory!   Together, we have reached the amazing… (Read More)


Acta Arcana n.8 – 2018

Ave Custodes! (VERSIONE ITALIANA) To celebrate the campaign reaching the 100k$ goal, we are announcing a new SPECIAL ADD-ON: Aegyptus – Land of mummies, necromancers, and mysteries! Aegyptus is the first of our Expansion Modules, a complete description of the Empire’s richest province, with its ancient cities and temples. It includes information… (Read More)


Acta Arcana n.7 – 2018

Ave Custodes! (VERSIONE ITALIANA) The first ten days of the campaign are gone and the next goals are very close: just a few people are missing to reach the 400% of the funding, an outstanding target! We can’t wait to show you the next Stretch Goal to be revealed. And when… (Read More)


Acta Arcana n.6 – 2018

  Ave Custodes! (VERSIONE ITALIANA) 48 hours have passed since our crowdfunding campaign began and we can start to sum it up. We funded Lex Arcana Second Edition together and unlocked eight Stretch Goals in just two days! We now are a community of more than 800 backers (more than… (Read More)


Acta Arcana n.5 – 2018

  Ave Custodes! (VERSIONE ITALIANA) Here is the fifth Lex Arcana dispatch, written directly by the Emperor’s scribes and sent to all our Cohors members! Be proud, oh brave ones, for today you have the opportunity to hear the words that Emperor Theodomirus himself spoke to the Senate to ask… (Read More)

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