Quality Games announces the Japanese version of Lex Arcana!

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The legions of the Empire will arrive on the Yamato islands: Quality Games announces the Japanese version of Lex Arcana!
From the Western Empire to the Empire of the Rising Sun, from Italy to the Far East… A collaboration between Quality Games and Kaizoku Press will allow Lex Arcana to arrive in Japan, a nation with a strong and unique tradition of role-playing games.  The first step of this agreement is the translation of the Quickstart Set and other free digital content related to Lex Arcana.

The following step will be the publication of the complete game, immediately after the Italian and English release. Japanese will therefore be the third (and certainly not the last) of the languages in which Quality Games’ first role-playing game will be published, with an increasingly international perspective.
Yoshiki “Kura-San” Kuchikura, 口 藏 佳 希 , will be translating the game, assisted by Emanuele Granatello and Davide Manna of Kaizoku Press.

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