Another occasion to say “Thank You”!

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Thanks to your generous and continuing support to our Kickstarter campaign, the new Lex Arcana edition will come true.

Your enthusiasm motivates us. This project was conceived by our passion but is coming to life thanks to your support and we hope it will grow quickly and attract fans from all over the world.

We are committed to deliver on our Kickstarter promises and turn them into the cornerstone of a saga designed to ensure years of gaming and fun. We want to continue this journey together, so that Lex Arcana can be the whole community’s project.

Right now, let’s all toast to celebrate this moment of triumph (in the office, some have started building an arch), but rest assured that we know that the greater the success, the more responsibilities there are.

Thanks to you, the new international Lex Arcana edition is officially born today and, with it, Quality Games. It isn’t just a brand, but a staff of enthusiasts who want to research, develop and produce games in an engaging, creative and professional way with a community of players, for the pleasure of all.

Quality Games

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