Antonio De Luca to be concept artist for Lex Arcana

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We are happy to announce that another outstanding Italian artist has joined the team working on the new edition of Lex Arcana. It is an honour, pleasure and privilege to have Antonio De Luca, a world famous illustrator, working with us on this project.
He will design the game cover and coordinate the creation of other images to be released before the Kickstarter campaign launch. Antonio De Luca is a Painting and Architecture graduate from Rome’s Accademia delle Belle Arti.

He works as an illustrator, cartoonist, storyboard and concept artist for Italian and international publishers such as Riot Games, Gameloft, Fantasy Flight, Mondadori, Bonelli, Hitpoint and Gamermats. He teaches digital painting and character design at Genius Academy and Idea Academy, both in Rome.

Antonio De Luca’s illustrations

“I love role playing games and it is fantastic to have the opportunity to work on this gaming classic. It’s important to show those who haven’t played the game yet what Lex Arcana is about through illustrations. Lex Arcana is based on incredibly complex ancient roman imagery which can be challenging to communicate, but I am certain that we will be able to attract and capture players from all the world!”

Antonio De Luca is also the creator of Lex Arcana’s new logo, which he designed with Sergio d’Innocenzo, the illustrator of the first edition of the game.

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