A real Roman! Francesca Garello joins the Lex Arcana team!

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Another person linked to Lex Arcana‘s past returns to the team working on the second edition: the archaeologist and author Francesca Garello.

Francesca Garello, archaeologist and historical consultant.

We are proud to share with all Lex Arcana enthusiasts the news of another great member returning to the development team for our highly awaited first game. Francesca Garello will be the historical and archaeological consultant on the setting of our never-ending Empire. Although Lex Arcana is a fantasy and alternate history game, we believe that plausibility and historical accuracy are two important added values of the game, which we aim to strengthen with Francesca’s help

Francesca has worked with Andrea Angiolino on several games set in the past, starting from various Lex Arcana adventures in specialised magazines, including “L’antro della Sibilla” (“The Cave of the Sybil“, in Kaos n. 31, 1995), “Il mistero degli etruschi” (“The Mystery of the Etruscans“, in Kaos n. 36, 1995), “La Ninfa e il senatore” (“The Nymph and the Senator“, in X n.4, autumn 1999) and, above all, the expansion module “Italia” (1997).

Lex Arcana brings together the things I like most, that is, the ancient world, roleplaying games and imaginative fiction,” says Francesca. “When the game came out, many years ago, I thought the concept was brilliant: Italy is full of stories, legends and traditions which are just as good as those in Anglo-Saxon fantasy. Not much was invented when writing the Italia module: the works of classical authors provided many ideas to start from. The creation of the new version calls for more study. The alternate history setting poses many challenges: how much does the Lex Arcana world match the ancient one? Where do the timelines diverge? How can the fantasy element be added to the “past” of the game, that is in real history? Overall, it’s about doing what I love most: studying the ancient world to role play, adding a touch of fantasy to everything!”

Francesca Garello studied classical archaeology at the University of Rome, writing her thesis on the Flavian Amphitheatre, the ancient world’s largest place for games. Besides history, she is also interested in fantasy fiction: she has written fantasy and science fiction short stories, winning several prizes and appearing in many anthologies.

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