All roads lead to Rome: Francesco Mattioli named official Lex Arcana cartographer!

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Quality Games is proud to announce that Francesco Mattioli is joining the development team for the new edition of Lex Arcana as creator of game maps!

For those who do not know him, Francesco Mattioli began his career in the ’90s as a cartoonist (Mondadori), moved on to kids’ illustrations (Salani, Giunti, Nord-Sud, GradoZero, San Paolo) and finally entered the world of board and roleplaying games. He worked on his first Marco Maggi and Francesco Nepitello game in 2007, and then illustrated various Ares Games titles, including Odyssey, Sails of Glory and Hunt for the Ring.

Francesco Mattioli: maps on maps

In the same years Francesco worked with Joe Dever on maps, posters and illustrations for the famous Lone Wolf series. He quickly became the official cartographer for Magnamund and other series created by Dever. These works have made Francesco Mattioli greatly admired by Italian and foreign gamebook lovers and have earned him the Fenix prize for best cartographer at the latest GothCon,

“Right now I am in the early stages of the map of the Roman Empire,” says Francesco. “I already know that working with planet Earth is harder than working on a fantasy world. For example, in the real world the curvature of the planet cannot be ignored and so I have to select the correct projection. Also, while in fantasy maps it is often hard to fill areas without information, ironically this time I have an enormous quantity of details and I will have to decide what not to include. Finally, I would like the map to have that imperfect look of ancient maps, while at the same time making it possible for players to recognise the various provinces… It’s a really interesting challenge!”

Having Francesco Mattioli with us is a real pleasure and allows us to honour our commitment to line up the best talents of the sector, focusing on Italian authors and artists that are already recognised worldwide.

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