Press Relase

The new Lex Arcana schedule

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”. The saying is very true. The countdown to deliver Lex Arcana, the game you supported with such enthusiasm and loyalty, has just started. Quality Games’ first crowdfunding campaign was a huge success. However, along the way the estimated workload grew four times – and… …

Acta Arcana n.23- 2019

The last kit of our official Beta Test program has finally been sent to all participants. This time, players will test combat rules and play a long, special adventure written by a true RPG star. Mark Rein-Hagen’s “The Sons of Caligula” is an adventure you’ll certainly enjoy!   And now,… …

New upcoming title: Malavita – An Italian Crime Story

A year after its debut, Quality Games is pleased to announce a new upcoming title, which will continue the line of role-playing games started with Lex Arcana. Malavita – An Italian Crime Story is a tabletop pen and paper rpg, set in the violent Italian 70s, a dark period of Italian history.… …

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