Acta Arcana n.6 – 2018

  Ave Custodes! (VERSIONE ITALIANA) 48 hours have passed since our crowdfunding campaign began and we can start to sum it up. We funded Lex Arcana Second Edition together and unlocked eight Stretch Goals in just two days! We now are a community of more than 800 backers (more than… (Read More)


Faustus & Furious How to play Lex Arcana

Francesco Nepitello: One of the most surprising things we became aware of when rewriting Lex Arcana is that many games of the previous generation had complex rule sets (like Advanced D&D, MERP and Warhammer, which we played in Italy at the time) while they’re now trying to streamline. Lex Arcana already had that… (Read More)

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