Having completed the Beta Test Program and the art requests, we are now working on translation and layout for the four books.

Once the first products (sheets, maps and adventures) are ready, we will send them to those who are waiting for them. The physical versions will be sent out as soon as they are ready!
But now, some news...                      

From Development Diaries: Versper till Aurora

Unfortunately, we must replace the adventure by Gerard Christopher Klug Enlil's Return in Adventure Book 1 and in all Kickstarter campaign stretch goals. 
In its place, we will be publishing From Vesper till Aurora, written by Mauro Longo.

Mauro Longo writes games, fiction, gamebooks and essays. His role-playing game-related publications include dozens of official products for several Savage Worlds savage settings, for FATEStrange MagicFirst Kingsand Lex Arcana. His work has been translated into English, Russian and Spanish.

The adventure From Vesper till Aurora is set in Gades (Hispania). It introduces a terrifying opponent from lands further west, a god of blood and darkness who could infect and devastate the whole Empire.

We trust that this change will not be a problem and we hope to be able to re-introduce Enlil's Return at a later date.

Hints & Hooks: TheTemple of the Primordial Fortune

The Sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia (Primordial Fortune), 22 miles east of Rome, was the most important Italic temple of the late Roman Republic.

The sanctuary was famous throughout the Roman world for the cult of Fortuna Primigenia, who was Jupiter’s "first-born" but also "the Primordial". The cult was associated with an oracle: this ritual performed by extracting the Sortes.
The faithful from all over the world came to this sanctuary to ask the divinity for answers and to make requests. In worship, Fortuna Primigenia was associated with Jupiter Arcanus, "Keeper of the ark". The ark was a chest made from the wood of a sacred tree. The sanctuary was built where the tree, thought to be an olive tree, once stood. The ark guarded the "Sortes" that gave the oracle’s responses.

So... sortes, arcana, gods and the Primordial Fortune: these are great ideas for a game session!
For more information regarding this sanctuary, check this  website out!

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