The last kit of our official Beta Test program has finally been sent to all participants. This time, players will test combat rules and play a long, special adventure written by a true RPG star. Mark Rein-Hagen's "The Sons of Caligula" is an adventure you'll certainly enjoy!
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Kickstarter PDF Packs, now available!
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Hints & Hooks: The flames of Pompei

On August 24 of the year 832 a.U.c. (79 CE) Mount Vesuvius awakens and Pompeii is erased from history. But what was the real cause behind the catastrophic event? Was it blind Fate or was the god of fire, Vulcan, angered by something? Could a group of special investigators, sent from Rome on the day before the eruption, appease the god and prevent disaster?

One of the Adventure Book's ready-to-play scenarios is "The Flames of Pompeii" by Laura Cardinale, a stretch goal unlocked during the early stages of the crowd funding campaign. The investigation involves the most famous catastrophe of the ancient world, during which players will take on an unusual role... centuries before the Cohors Arcana is established!

The official timeline for Lex Arcana's Empire and tips for playing other periods of time (and of our alternate history) will be available in the previously funded Corebook and Encyclopedia Arcana.

If you are interested in this terrifying tragedy,  sources and reconstructions on the web

Development Updates

How is game production proceeding?
We want to be honest and straightforward: there is a chance dates concerning production and shipment of the pre-ordered materials of Lex Arcana will be changed. Before we can tell you more, we need to confirm certain details and verify if we really need to change the timing.

We will send everybody a communication regarding timing very soon.

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