It is now February, a month during which several archaic and mysterious celebrations were held in ancient Rome. Among these were the Lupercalia, festivities to honor Lupercus, the Roman wolf god, and the Regifugium,a religious festival in memory of the grim Rex Sacrorum. However, today we will be talking about yet another festivity.

The Feralia and Beacon of Hope
The Feralia, a public festival honouring the Manes (the spirits of the dead), was one of the most important celebrations in Roman religion.

On the 21st of February, citizens bring offerings to their ancestors' tombs. This is done to avoid angering the dead, who would otherwise arise from their graves to roam the streets howling.
During the Feralia, marriages and even public worship of the gods are prohibited. As Ovid said, "No incense on the altar, no fire on the hearth."

One of the scenarios in the Adventure Book is Beacon of Hope by David Esbrì Molinas. The adventure is set in Hispania, near Tarraco, where some mysterious and violent deaths occur. We can't say anything else, but the message is clear: in Lex Arcana's Roman Empire, never mess with the dead.

Hints & Hooks: Roman Festivities
Naturally, sacred celebrations in the Roman world are not limited to February. There are religious festivals all year round, both in cities and in the countryside, dedicated to the many gods worshipped in the Empire

These religious references could be an interesting way to add dimension to the adventures of the Custodes. In some cases, sacred celebrations could be closely linked to the mysteries to solve and the threats to face: secret and eerie cults, fallen deities, omens and prophecies related to archaic or exotic religions, and so on...

In other cases, a specific time of the year could be used just to add a little 'flavor' to the story: carrying out an investigation during orgies, the Baccanalia or festivities related to the dead could make your sessions even more memorable.


Development Updates
How is game production proceeding?

  • Corebook: the alpha testing has been (more or less) completed, and we are now planning beta testing, with selected groups and players. 
  • Adventure Book: six of the adventures are ready for the layout; the others are being processed for the final written version; minor changes could be applied after the final version of the Corebook. 
  • Sourcebook Aegyptus: the first draft is under revision.
  • Encyclopedia Arcana: the first draft is in progress.
  • Art and layout: all art requests have been selected and sent. We are working on new maps!

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Ave atque Vale!

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