The new year brings a new dispatch written by the Emperor's scribes. This time it features our first Development Update on the campaign releases.

Are you ready?
Ah, right... you were born ready!

Lex Arcana arrives in Japan
From the Western Empire to the Empire of the Rising Sun, from Italy to the Far East. A collaboration between Quality Games and Kaizoku Press will allow Lex Arcana to arrive in Japan, a nation with a strong and unique tradition of role-playing games.

The first step of this agreement is the translation of the Quickstart Set and other free digital content related to Lex Arcana. The following step will be the publication of the complete game, immediately after the Italian and English release.

Japanese will, therefore, be the third (and certainly not the last) of the languages in which Quality Games' first role-playing game will be published, with an increasingly international perspective.
Yoshiki "Kura-San" Kuchikura 口藏佳希will be translating the game, assisted by Emanuele Granatello and Davide Manna of Kaizoku Press.
"We are really excited about this opportunity. It is not common for an Italian role-playing game to reach Japan, and the first response we had was of great curiosity and enthusiasm. We can't wait to reach the land of JPRGs and see how Lex Arcana fares in a place where players have unique tastes and playing styles. The outlook is exciting!"

Valerio Ferzi - Operative Director Quality Games

クオリティ・ゲームス(Quality Games)から、レックス・アルカナ日本語版のお知らせ!


西の帝国から日出処の帝国へ、イタリアから極東へ…。クオリティ・ゲームスカイゾク・プレス(Kaizoku Press)のコラボレーションによって、レックス・アルカナが、強力で個性的なRPGの伝統を持つ国・日本にやってきます。この契約の最初のステップとして、まずクイックスタート・セットと、レックス・アルカナ関連の無料デジタル・コンテンツの翻訳を行います。


口藏佳希(Yoshiki “くらさん” Kuchikura)が、カイゾク・プレスのエマヌエーレ・グラナテッロ(Emanuele Granatello)とダビデ・マンナ(Davide Manna)の助けのもと、翻訳にあたります。

Hinsts & Hooks: The Empire of the Rising Sun

It is difficult to imagine a place further away from the Roman Empire than Japan, except for the most remote islands of the Pacific Ocean. Even the route to the Americas would be much easier to imagine and undertake... But we are in the world of Lex Arcana and we are allowed to dream!

History teaches us that there must have been remote and rare commercial contacts between the Roman and Chinese Empires. But a recent discovery drives our imaginary legions and intrepid merchants to the Japanese archipelago, during what is now known as the Yamato Period

Roman coins dating back to the III-IV century AD have been found at a castle in Okinawa, in southern Japan. The path taken by these coins before ending up in an archaeological site a millennium older than their production date is not known. However, we can imagine that a diplomatic and cartographic delegation had been sent by the Eastern Prefecture to discover the borders of Asia.
The Emperor surely wanted a small group of Custodes to join this expedition...

What did the members of the Cohors Arcana find in those regions at the eastern edge of the world?

Development Updates
How is game production going?

  • Corebook: the authors have completed the ruleset with the additions offered as Kickstarter stretch goals and other new mechanics. Alpha testing is currently underway and the beta tests and blind tests which will follow are being planned. After these steps are completed, the manual will be put into written form.
  • Adventure Book: we are collecting all adventures by the selected authors and working on finalizing the scenarios.
  • Aegyptus Sourcebook: the first draft is almost finished.
  • Encyclopedia Arcana: the first draft is in progress.
  • Art and layout: all art requests have been selected and sent to the artists. Valeria De Caterini has joined the staff as Quality Games' new Art Director.

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Ave atque Vale!

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