Ave Custodes,


This scroll, sent by the Emperor's scribes, features last's week most interesting news for the Cohors Arcana, no matter which prefecture you are in.

Our Backerkit Page is live
This “extension” of our Kickstarter campaign will be online for several weeks. All Lex Arcana crowdfunding backers can define their pledge and rewards' details they are entitled to. Through Backerkit, you can also add other books and game accessories.

If you have taken part in the campaign, you will have already received the link to access and complete the survey by email. If not, you can restore access from here: https://lexarcana.backerkit.com/
You may modify the survey as many times as you wish until it is closed.
A dedicated online store will also be soon available on Backerkit. Through this website, those who didn't take part in the crowdfunding campaign will be able to buy manuals and accessories, and join the Cohors Arcana. These contents will be delivered at the same time as those for Kickstarter campaign supporters. Just note that Kickstarter exclusives will not be available: the box, the special corebook cover and the Aegyptus map will be available only for those who took part in the crowdfunding!
Lucca Comics & Games, a great show for Lex Arcana!
At the biggest Italian comics and games fair, which this year focused on Made in Italy, Lex Arcana was certainly at the center of attention! There were several important moments: interviews and broadcasts with the event's media partners, a workshop held by Andrea Angiolino and Francesco Nepitello, and our main presentation conference. The whole Quality Games team and its most important partners spoke about the past, the present and the future of the game.
Lex Arcana was also mentioned during the 1st Convention of the Italian Role-Playing Game Authors, which officially opened Lucca Comics & Games. A very special game was run at the final match of the “Rolimpics, the Italian national RPG tournament. A special Demiurge was at the table: Francesco Nepitello himself led a session involving the most talented players of the Rolimpics, which you can follow here in Italian!

The adventure played, To live and die in Byzantiumby Francesco Nepitello, is the final Stretch Goal unlocked during the crowdfunding!
Maps of By the will of the Gods
Some Demiurges have pointed out, not without reason, that the maps used in the QuickStart Set adventure cannot be shared with the players. Showing certain numbered points and secret places of the scenario would spoil the adventure!
For this reason, we have prepared a version of those same maps without the references, so they can be shared with the Custodes. Use them for your games and enjoy!

Ave atque Vale!

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