Ave Custodes,


This is the eleventh dispatch of the Acta Arcana, which the Emperor's scribes have written for the now hundreds of Cohors members!

The BackerKit page is coming!
First of all, let's talk about BackerKit. It is the site we will use so you can complete, expand and define your pledges.

The page will be published on 5th November (next Monday), on our return from Lucca Comics & Games.

Through BackerKit and the connected survey, you can mark all the final options of your rewards: the language of your manuals, your preferred cover and dice set, shipping address and everything else...

BackerKit will also allow those who have not yet taken part in the campaign to make late pledges and join us, so share that page urbi et orbi as you did for the campaign!

Midgardia plays Lex Arcana (with cat)!
The twitch / youtube channel Midgardia may not be very famous, but it is really fun and relaxing to listen to. Our friends at Midgardia played Lex Arcana during the Kickstarter campaign, using the Quickstarter Set and its adventure. If you're looking for a nice actual play of the game, their session is available for everyone: enjoy the show!

Hints & Hooks: The case of the vampire child
Around 450 AD (at the same time the Lex Arcana was issued), in the heart of central Italy, there was a place called the Children's Necropolis. It was a cemetery for the young victims of a grim and mysterious disease that was spreading at the time.

At the center of the burials, often deviant and disturbing, surrounded by protective amulets and animal remains, was the body of the oldest among the cemetery's occupants, a child just 10 years old... at least judging by the skeleton.

Whoever had buried the child had also placed a stone in the mouth, a ritual to avoid the body's return from the grave. The stone had teeth marks on it as if the skull had tried to break it after someone had stuck it in its jaws...
Nobody knows what happened in the remote Umbrian village, but what would occur if one day that body were to be exhumed, and the horrible disease were to come back and strike again?

Find more information on Lugnano's "Vampire Child" in many articles of the past few weeks: it's a great starting point for a Cohors mission!

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