Ave Custodes,

Thanks to your generous and continuing support to our Kickstarter campaign, the new Lex Arcana edition will come true. 

Your enthusiasm motivates us. This project was conceived by our passion but is coming to life thanks to your support and we hope it will grow quickly and attract fans from all over the world. 

We are committed to deliver on our Kickstarter promises and turn them into the cornerstone of a saga designed to ensure years of gaming and fun. We want to continue this journey together, so that Lex Arcana can be the whole community’s project. 

Right now, let's all toast to celebrate this moment of triumph (in the office, some have started building an arch), but rest assured that we know that the greater the success, the more responsibilities there are. 
Thanks to you, the new international Lex Arcana edition is officially born and, with it, Quality Games. It isn’t just a brand, but a staff of enthusiasts who want to research, develop and produce games in an engaging, creative and professional way with a community of players, for the pleasure of all.
The Kickstarter platform is currently checking all campaign transactions. The process lasts about two weeks, and we must wait for it to end before moving on. In the following phase, we will send you a form to finalize all your pledge details. This will probably happen around 5th November.
If you have any questions or problems during this process, you can contact Kickstarter.


Aegyptus Map
At the end of the campaign, having unlocked all stretch goals, we decided to add a final gift for all of you: the official Aegyptus map, created by the talented Francesco Mattioli, the same artist who designed the Empire Map.
The Aegyptus module, which includes the mysterious island of Crete, was presented in the Kickstarter campaign and will be the first of the geographic expansions planned for the game. The expansion will have the map inside.
For all campaign backers - including those who have not selected Aegyptus as an add-on or in their pledge - the Map will be included in the rewards sent as PDF and/or PRINT content, depending on the chosen Pledge.
Lex Arcana at Lucca Comics & Games 2018

It’s worth remembering that Lucca Comics & Games is the largest comics, animation, tabletop role-playing games, videogames, and fantasy fair in Europe.

This year’s theme is “Made in Italy” in the gaming industry. Lex Arcana will be presented at the convention in the Sala Ingellis, on Saturday 3rd November, at 11.45am

In the Lex Arcana ieri, oggi e domani (Lex Arcana yesterday, today and tomorrow) conference we will remember what the game was when it was first published in 1993, discuss the new project and how we launched it worldwide, analyze the Kickstarter crowdfunding and reveal how the authors are revisiting rules and atmosphere to create this new international version. The Quality Games team will be present, along with Francesco Nepitello, Antonio De Luca and Francesco Mattioli.

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