Ave Custodes,

Rome's vile enemies and demons from the Underworld are terrified. Right now, more than 1200 Custodes have joined our campaign, the equivalent of TWO COHORTS. Fighters, augurs, explorers, diplomats, scholars... and assassins are ready to fight for Rome's glory!
Together, we have reached the amazing goal of 100k € - the campaign is 500% funded!

To celebrate this success, we are adding the following items to your rewards:
• The Imperial Compendium "Coinage of the Empire" (PDF logo)
• A new adventure titled “The Stone of the Ruteni”, by Andrea Marengo (both in PDF and in the Adventures Book “Mysteries of the Empire 1”)
• The Lex Arcana Dice Bag, included in every Demiurge Senior Pledge (also available as an add-on)  
• An exclusive Corebook cover, for all backers who choose the print version.

We are heading towards new levels: the final campaign days still have still have add-ons, pledges and goals to be discovered! Be ready!


Help us to spread the word and enlist other Custodes, to make this possible for everyone. We have a number of other surprises after this one!

We would also like to invite you to talk about the game or chat with other (old and new) fans on our Social Media.

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