Acta Arcana n.5 – 2018

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Ave Custodes!

Here is the fifth Lex Arcana dispatch, written directly by the Emperor's scribes and sent to all our Cohors members!

Be proud, oh brave ones, for today you have the opportunity to hear the words that Emperor Theodomirus himself spoke to the Senate to ask it to approve the Lex Arcana.
Here is the Imperial proclamation, as reported by our heralds.

All about Lex Arcana
Before we began sending these dispatches, we published five articles about Lex Arcana. In those posts, we covered several aspects we deemed important for our international audience and for those who have never played Lex Arcana before.

If you haven't read them yet, you can find them here:

Return to the Empire without end. What it means to work on Lex Arcana after 25 years
> How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Roman Empire 

From The Gladiator to Britannia - A Grimdark Empire of Magic and Adventure
Magic and Arcana - The special way to powers in Lex Arcana
Faustus & Furious - How to play Lex Arcana

The Kickstarter is about to begin!

The wait is finally coming to an end: only a few days left before our Kickstarter campaign begins! Crowdfunding will begin Tuesday 18 September at 5:00 am Eastern Standard Time.

An early bird pledge will be available for the first few hours - be ready to grab the best rewards at bargain prices!
If you have any questions during the campaign, you can find us on Facebook and on the Kickstarter Chat. You can also email us at
The next time you receive our Acta Arcana, 48 hours will have passed since the beginning of the Kickstarter. Who knows what great news we will have the pleasure of announcing!

Until then...
Ave atque vale
Lex Arcana RPG launches on Kickstarter 18 September 2018.    

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