Join today the Custodes of the Cohors Arcana, the only men and women who can prevent the fall of the Roman Empire!

“Daily dispatches coming from our legions stationed at the borders report mysterious and inexplicable phenomena. Ancient cults reap new victims with increasing frequency. The cities are in turmoil… I ask you to approve the Lex Arcana, a law tasking the Praetorian Guard with the enlistment of six hundred Custodes. These men and women of the Empire will be given full autonomy of action, and they will constitute the first nucleus of the Cohors Auxiliaria Arcana. The power of our ancient heroes will be infused in their veins and the magic of the Empire will be at their service.”

From the speech of Emperor Theodomirus to the Senate, given on the 28th of August, year 1229 ab Urbe condita (from the founding of the City).

Quality Games is proud to announce a new edition of Lex Arcana, to be launched on Kickstarter on September 18th, 2018.

Lex Arcana is a roleplaying game whose unique setting merges history, mythology and legend. It is a world where Imperial legions clash with barbaric hordes on the field of battle, while ancient monsters, mystical powers and nameless cults threaten the rule of the Caesars from within. 

Players take the role of Custodes (wardens) of the Cohors Auxiliaria Arcana, Imperial agents sent on missions to the most distant and dangerous corners of the Roman Empire and beyond.

 Originally published in Italy in 1993, Lex Arcana was designed by an exceptional team of authors: Dario De Toffoli, Leo Colovini, Marco Maggi and Francesco Nepitello. The game enjoyed a tremendous success, in time becoming a beloved classic.

For this new edition we have reunited the original team under the creative direction of Andrea Angiolino, to create a game that will appeal to veteran players and newcomers to Lex Arcana alike. A lineup of wonderful artists including Francesco Mattioli and Antonio De Luca have been tasked with creating brand-new illustrations and an original graphic design. 

To enjoy Lex Arcana players are not required to have a degree in Roman history: the world has taken a different turn from what you may have read in history books. All you need to play in the Empire without end is included in the core publications for the game, whether you are planning to play one-shot sessions or a whole campaign.

Lex Arcana is the shortest way to enter a world of adventure...

We are at the end of the fifth century AD, thirteen centuries since the founding of Rome. The Empire has not fallen. In this alternative timeline, Rome has avoided its end by using its haruspices, sages and oracles, escaping the sequence of events which in actual history brought to its fall.

The Empire’s stability has allowed it to strengthen itself for decades and has not suffered any drastic changes, invasions and the breaking up of its territory.

Economic growth has brought greater wealth to all the population and many peoples outside its borders are considered Roman citizens, protected by the invulnerable Pax Romana (the Roman Peace).

But the Empire’s mighty and invincible legions and divinatory rituals are no longer enough to protect the Empire.

Other powers are working, hidden behind the veil of tangibility: ancient demons, dark magic, witchcraft and monsters from forgotten depths.

The Cohors Auxiliaria Arcana, is a corps of heroes chosen to protect Rome by watching over it covertly and to fight sorceries, horrors and dreadful phenomena.

You are those heroes: you are the Cohors Arcana!

It is you who will take on the role of the members of the most exclusive corps of Rome’s never-ending Empire. Members are selected among the best warriors of the Praetorian Guard, the most promising diviners, the most expert diplomats from senatorial families and the most skilled explorers of the known lands.

This company protects the Empire and acts to ensure that its power remains stable in time. 

Rome’s yoke, however, is hard for many to bear. Many Celtic druids, Syrian necromancers and Egyptian priests will soon try to use their twisted arcane magic against the imperial oppressor.

As Custodes, you will have to: investigate forbidden mysteries and hidden conspiracies; defeat supernatural enemies, monsters and secret cults; defend the Pax Romana, the Senate and the Roman people from all threats, non-human and supernatural.

From Britannia, shrouded in mist, to Babylon, land of vast rivers, from Egypt‘s deserts to Italy‘s lovely shores, the adventures awaiting the Custodes are as infinite as the Empire they defend!

Then as now, this is the shortest route to adventure!

Lex Arcana’s mechanics and rules were developed 25 years ago and have been accurately revised for the new edition.

The system that has made this game famous now returns in a more consistent, elegant and simple version.

When creating the Character, each player can choose their hero’s region of origin and their class (such as Fighter, Augur or Explorer), which must be developed further before playing.

Players who wish to skip this step and begin to play immediately can choose from a wide range of prerolled characters. 

The mechanics of this game include the ability to swap dice on the fly, making the game accessible to all styles of gamers.

If you haven’t played the game before, Lex Arcana will be a pleasant surprise, with simple, functional and easy to learn rules, intentionally made to set aside the manual and learn to play as you go.

If you are veteran Lex Arcana players, know that this game will stay with you at least for the next 25 years. It is the same one that you already love, but richer, more elegant and complete than ever, with the possibility of living adventures before the Cohors Arcana was established.

  • Lex Arcana will be published through a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign, beginning on 18 September 2018.
  • Lex Arcana is the most successful Italian roleplaying game ever.
  • In Lex Arcana’s alternate history world, magic, gods and monsters from ancient myths are real.
  • In this alternate history, the Cohors Arcana is the only bastion protecting the Roman Empire from the threat of barbarians and terrifying supernatural forces.
  • The Heroes of Lex Arcana are the members of the Cohors Arcana and must investigate and eliminate the threats that roam inside and outside the Empire, bringing back to the scholars of Rome the knowledge of obscure magic.
  • The rule set has unique mechanics and is created to be played both by new and old players.
  • The game’s new edition will be revised and expanded by its original authors, four extraordinary Italian game designers, well known in all the world: Leo Colovini, Dario De Toffoli, Marco Maggi, Francesco Nepitello.
  • For those who have already played the game, the new edition will contain many new aspects and further development of the setting and mechanics. For example, the introduction of the Sortes (Profecies) as a game element, the rules for hand-to-hand combat and the possibility of playing in times before the establishment of the Cohors Arcana.

Let’s arm ourselves and set forth!

Stay up to date on news, special offers and, above all, do not miss the start of the Kickstarter.

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Dario De Toffoli
A true giant of the Italian ludic scene, has been involved for decades in the creation of games, non-play entertainment, the organization of events of international importance, and the dissemination of the hobby at all levels. He founded and coordinates the Archivio Italiano dei Giochi, the documentation center for the play culture of Italy.
Leo Colovini
In 1988 has published Inkognito together with Alex Randolph, a title that enters the list of the Spiel des Jahres, winning the Sonderpreis - special prize of the critics. He has published numerous games since then, many of which have been nominated and awarded as part of the major international awards, including the recent Leo muss zum Friseur
Marco Maggi - Francesco Nepitello
Shared a good part of their gaming careers. Among the most acclaimed Italian game designers, the titles created by them include War of the Ring (La Guerra dell’Anello) and Hunt for the Ring (La Caccia all'Anello), inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, published worldwide in over ten languages. Other successes include Marvel Heroes and The Age of Conan. They recently wrote the role-playing games The One Ring and Adventures in Middle-earth, the adaptation of Tolkien's world to the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons.
Andrea Angiolino
Creative Director
Has published books about both roleplaying games and tabletop games, with her work translated into twenty languages, including the famous Wings of Glory and Sails of Glory. He produces promotional and training games, mystery games, fun themed exhibitions, TV, and radio games. The Italian Ministry of Education has named him "an expert game inventor”. He tells stories about games at Wikiradio (Rai Radio Tre).
Francesco Mattioli
Map Maker
Francesco Mattioli was born in Bologna, in 1973. As a child, he always loved drawing, his favourite subjects were bugs, starships and maps. At 18 year old, he attended the school of comics "La Nuova Eloisa" in Bologna, and soon after he began his career as an illustrator of educational videogames, comic books, children books and boardgames. He worked for Salani, Mondadori, Giunti, Nord-Sud, San Paolo and many other publishers.
Antonio De Luca
Graduated in Painting and Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. For many years I have worked as an Illustrator, Cartoonist, Storyboard Artist and Concept Artist with several international companies, like Riot Games, Gameloft, Fantasy Flight, Mondadori, Bonelli Ed., Hitpoint, Gamermats.


LEX ARCANA is a Quality Games’ trade mark

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